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Posted on Sep 10, 2021

Your Inner Power Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?
- All hypnosis is self-hypnosis
- You are always in control. You cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do.
- Don’t expect to feel hypontised…
- Do Expect to feel relaxed
- You can learn how to go into trance, if you are willing…
Hypnosis is not...
-where you are unconscious, or asleep.
-not a 'do to' process:
Don't expect something to be done to you. We work with you.Your commitment to your outcomes and the process is essential.
- about getting you to do something you don't want to:
You can't be asked to do something in hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do.
What is Hypnosis Really?
A key to success with hypnosis is to understand that we all have an unconscious mind.
‘Your unconscious mind holds information that is outside your consciousness, and it manages sensations and body functions. Sensations come into our body's all of the time we remain unaware of most of them. While managing all of these sensations, your Unconscious Mind keeps your heart beating, your blood circulating, your digestion working, and your lymph system operating…and even makes your eyes blink without conscious awareness.’
The subconscious mind is constantly listening to the thoughts of the mind, looking for guidance, looking for instructions from the conscious mind to put them into action.
So, hypnosis is a question of your willingness, to be receptive and responsive to ideas. These ideas, we call suggestions.
Ultimately, responsibility for change is with you.
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